The default membership level is „contributor“. A contributor can submit a post to be published, but they cannot publish it themselves – it must first be approved by an editor (or higher).

If for some reason, a user contributes nonsense or in some way seems to endanger the working of this website, they may be demoted to „subscriber“. We do not anticipate this happening, but we may also delete an account at our own discretion if we feel that it is necessary to maintain the stability of the website.

Please: If you have any questions or issues about anything, feel free to raise the issue or question in our WordPress community (please use the code string „“ to register).

How to become an author

We also offer a membership level „Author“. The price of this membership level may fluctuate according to supply and demand. Any authenticated user can become an author by simply paying the appropriate current membership fee (it is an annual fee, but you can order as many years as you wish, and the will simply extend the period for as many years as you order). The membership can also be extended at any time (at whatever the current price for the annual membership fee is). If the membership ever expires, the membership level is returned to „contributor“.

Please note that being an author does not guarantee that your post will be deemed acceptable. We always reserve the right to edit or remove content at our own discretion. However, since we are primarily interested in authors claiming their own voices, we expect very few or even no such cases at all.