Information wants to be free

Any and all information posted at this site is freely available to anyone using the internet.

Information wants to be expensive

We don’t want to be spammed or manipulated with advertising. If you are interested in sharing information about particular / specific topics, we welcome your engagement. If you consider anything more than free to be expensive, then no one is forcing you to participate. However, if you view our offer as cheap (as we do – in the sense of „inexpesive“ or „affordable“), then you are exactly the person we are looking for!

Information wants to be organized by experts and promoted to appropriate audiences

This has to do with stuff like basic economics – for example: supply and demand.

If you want your information to reach particular, specific „target“ audiences, then you will be happy to know that is also what we want to help and support with this website. We also want to make that process simple, quick and easy – for very many topics, for very many audiences and for many different levels and kinds of engagement.

We see this process as a collaborative effort rather than as a robot or machine that sorts and displays data according to whatever algorithm is deemed to be in or out of fashion. In our view, sharing information is a very sophisticated process involving the collaboration of thinking, involved and engaged humans.