Why do we require authentication?

We want only authenticated users, because the web has too many inauthentic user profiles. We do not want spam or marketing hackers on this website. Authentication is one way to prevent such dubious players from playing around on our playground.

We do want people who want to share their feelings, insights, ideas and more. We want to give people a voice and help them to express themselves. In order to express themselves, they need a reliable and authentic identity. Authentication is the method we have chosen to promote such authenticity.

How does it work?

It is actually quite simple.

All you need to do is make a very small payment (this is, coincidentally, a method Paypal first pioneered) – 99 cents. With this one-time payment of 99 cents you can get a permanent user account. At the moment, we are not aware of any technical limitations that would make it impossible to host millions or even billions of user accounts – if such a problem ever arises, we will simply have to figure out a solution. At this point in time, we anticipate much smaller numbers. We are perfectly fine with a scenario in which we only have a dozen users.

I don’t have 99 cents

If you don’t have 99 cents, we suggest asking someone who does whether they will lend you 99 cents. If you don’t know anyone who has 99 cents, then please post about this issue in our WordPress community (please use the code string „“ to register), and hopefully the issue can be resolved somehow.